McDaniel Law Office

Kenneth McDanielMy legal practice is premised on integrity and honesty. When you retain an attorney, you place a tremendous amount of trust in their performance. Each client deserves individualized attention, as each case is unique and different. I will listen to your concerns and respond to your questions in a diligent manner. You can depend upon me to provide you with the personalized representation required under your specific circumstances. You will be treated with the respect you deserve in this difficult time.

My representation will be tailored to your specific needs. Depending upon the circumstances of your case, you can retain my services to represent you in court on your matter or to merely prepare your documents. Some clients may only need my services to prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement or initial filings; for those clients, I can provide limited scope representation. If your divorce is amicable and no issues will be contested in court, with my assistance, you can have confidence that your documents were correctly prepared by a competent attorney. However, if you need an attorney to represent you in court, I also provide full scope representation. If your matter is contested and a settlement cannot be reached, you can depend upon me to fight for your interests in an assertive manner to obtain a favorable outcome. I will stand with you throughout the legal process.